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Edward R Murrow by Bob Edwards

Author: Bob Edwards
Title: Edward M Murrow and the Birth of Broadcast Journalism
Hardcover ISBN: 0471477532
Published: 2004 by John Wiley & Sons
Rating: 5.00 / 5.00

Bob Edwards of NPR's Morning Edition fame does an amazing job with a brief biography of Edward R Murrow focusing specifically on his contributions to broadcast journalism in its radio and television formats. The book is a wonderful compaion read to the movie "Good Night, and Good Luck" that portrays the events surrounding Murrow's reporting exposing McCarthy for the bully jack ass that he really was.

Despite the shortness of the title (only 192 pages of large type set font), it delivers serious content enough to justify its rather expensive price tag. Bob Edwards quotes heavily from Edward M Murrow, especially his World War II reporting which is vivid and detailed. You can practically hear Murrow speaking the lines aloud as they were broadcast live on the radio more than 60 years ago. Edwards boldly asserts that within today's media Murrow would not have survived and a replacement will not be forth coming. The age of brilliant reporting and daring to challenge authorities to obtain the truth has been replaced by hundreds of lawyers per network and executives striking down any reporting that is too overly critical of the Government and its various positions. Noam Chomsky's "Manufacturing Consent" defined this style of media assertiveness in news control the Propaganda Model. Edward M Murrow is likely rolling in his grave at what the media has become, most especially its preference to entertain and numb minds instead of educating and developing minds.

A highly recommended title that is quick to read, informative, occasionally humerous, and rather engaging. Edward R Murrow's observations of Government are highly relevent to our current issues and politics.
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