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The Hunter's Blade Trilogy Book III

Author: R.A. Salvatore</a>
Title: The Two Swords
Hardcover ISBN: 0786933607
Published 2004 Wizards of the Coast
Rating: 3.8 / 5.0
339 Pages

Finally yet another conclusion to an R.A. Salvatore Triology based on Drizzt Do'Urden and his friends. After barely holding my attention through book two with over written melo-drama and attempts to make me care about characters that are regressing instead of developing, Salvatore concludes (or pretends to include while guaranteeing another triology) strongly. The entire Hunter's Blade Trilogy should have been written as a single book (which it no doubt will be re-released in a single volume as have all the other Salvatore series). Am I sounding disenchanted with this author and his money grab for prolonging a series over due for a conclusion because it's the cash cow and cornerstone of a failing line series of books losing their once great story lines? You Bet!

Bitterness aside, Salvatore does indeed conclude strong by focusing in on his forte. No, not over rated, needlessly long, and boring fight scenes which most idiots who read Salvatore rave about. But rather macro-scale-war description and overview. Salvatore largely abandons the boring emotional character dilemas which he ties up quickly and without much fanfare in this book (perhaps too little fan fare even, considering how much of a role such issues played in the first two books of the series and the characters thoughts). Thankfully we get right down to plot development, armies moving, large amounts of death, a little intrigue (never enough from Salvatore), and a decent conclusion without any closure.

Salvatore, you fuck head. For such a well writen conclusion even despite the thankful (but not character like) lack of follow up from the first two books, the author sinks this book into the muck by leaving a big fat To Be Continued scene at the end of the book. The end of The Two Swords deserves to have a To Be Continued at the end of it... but The Two Swords should really have been the third part of a single book, not an entire triology. Way too much filler throughout the entire trilogy, in addition to uncharacteristic over dramatics both contribute to less than pleasant feelings toward the author despite enjoying the book for the most part. Please make this series end! Also, please stop bringing back dead people (that's twice now) and killing off a secondary character to advance the plot is LAME.

This much is true: you don't see the best Forgotten Realms writter Elaine Cunningham keep popping out Moonblade and Thann triologies. Good authors can let a good story and plot rest and allow readers imaginations to take over. Then again, Salvatore is probably a lot wealthier than Cunningham so who's accounting for good writing when there's stacks of money to be maid.
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