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Author: Orson Scott Card
Title: Speaker for the Dead
Paperback ISBN: 0812550757
Published: 1994 by Tor
Rating: 4.80 / 5.00

A fantastic and thoroughly engaging follow up to Ender's Game, Card writes in his introduction that Ender's Game was actually a prequel of sorts to provide back ground information for Speaker for the Dead, which was the original idea that Orson Scott Card had for a story. The reading of Ender's Game prior to reading Speaker for the Dead was essential for picking up the subtleties and intrigues of the book. Speaker for the Dead is a superior story to Ender's Game in that the complexities and emotional involvement are much greater. Card spreads out his web slowly and brings everything together in a emotionally charged Speech near the two thirds mark of the book. The remainder of the book warps up all the loose ends with an occasional gut wrenching delivery. This is fantastic story telling at its best and is highly recommended. As with Ender's Game (perhaps even more so), the Sci-Fi elements of the story are used merely to setup the plot. Typical Sci-Fi geekery fills trashy genre novels of all varieties in which the author attempts to make up for lack of character development and well throughout and defined plot by using throw away Sci-Fi elements. Card uses Sci-Fi elements much the same as another of my favorite authors, Kurt Vonnegut. The futuristic elements are used to setup situation, character, and plot that further the story without going into Sci-Fi wanking and techno-masturbation for the sake of genre definition. This is an excellent read and highly recommended.
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